Provo River Half Marathon

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Jul 19, 2008



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Running Accomplishments:


2015 St. George Marathon (2:44:11)

2014 Hobble Creek Half (1:17:18)

Short-Term Running Goals:


  • 5K - 16:59
  • 1/2 Marathon - Sub 1:17:00
  • Marathon - 2:45:00 

Miles:This week: 24.50 Month: 147.35 Year: 147.35
Pegasus 34 White Lifetime Miles: 746.25
Kinvara 8 (blue/orange) Lifetime Miles: 201.40
Pegasus 34 Blue/gray Lifetime Miles: 516.86
Lunaracer 4 Lifetime Miles: 96.65
Hoka Clifton 1 Lifetime Miles: 108.70
Brooks Levitate Lifetime Miles: 35.35
Total Distance
Wave Rider 12 Miles: 26.60#2 Wave Rider 10 Miles: 5.00Saucony Triumph 6 Miles: 10.50Mizuno Wave Creation 10 Miles: 5.50Kinvara Miles: 7.00
Total Distance

9.0 in 1:11:53.  7:59 avg pace.  Started at 4:30 in the afternoon and ran out towards Saratoga Springs.  The heat was a killer.  

Wave Rider 12 Miles: 9.00
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Total Distance

10.50 in 1:22:52.  7:54 avg pace.  Lots of hills for the first 4 miles.  Legs are dead right now.  No zip in them.  Hopefully they will come around because I'm suppose to run the Provo River 1/2 this Saturday.

PM Lifted for 20 min and then 5 miles on the TM.

#2 Wave Rider 10 Miles: 5.00Saucony Triumph 6 Miles: 10.50
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Total Distance

5.50 on the standard route.  Thought I was going to end up on the TM cause it was raining pretty hard, but then it just stopped.  My body is protesting the miles this week.  I may have done too much too soon.  Today I just turned the watch off cause I felt horrible.  I might need to back off.

Mizuno Wave Creation 10 Miles: 5.50
Total Distance

7.0 in 53:43.  7:41 avg pace.  Finally a good run for me.  I felt really good this morning, especially compared to the rest of this week.  It was cooler and there was a south wind along with some occasional rain.  Ran a random route so that I could stay somewhat close to home in case it got too bad weather wise.  First time running in the Kinvaras and I loved them.

PM 4.50 on the TM.  This wasn't a good run.  I had to get off after about 2.30 miles cause I was dizzy and light headed.  Started feeling better and got back on and finished with a couple more.

Wave Rider 12 Miles: 4.50Kinvara Miles: 7.00
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Total Distance

5.50 no watch.  Nice and easy out towards Saratoga Springs.  

Goal for the Provo River Half tomorrow is to beat last year's time of 1:24:18.  If I have trouble I should at least be able to get some good miles in at marathon pace. 

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Race: Provo River Half Marathon (13.1 Miles) 01:25:08, Place overall: 26, Place in age division: 6
Total Distance

Goal was to beat last year's time, which was 1:24:18.  If nothing else, I knew I would at least get some really good miles in today.  I love this race because it is so organized (joke), and I love the course.  I know exactly what to expect on this thing.  Splits:

1-6:06 Right away I'm running with no shirt guy


3-6:23 Still no shirt guy, me, and red shirt guy.  We are picking off a few people, but I can't believe how much better I'm liking running in a group.

4-5:56 Feeling pretty good still and making our way onto the path. 

5-6:31 Our group of 4-5 has dissipated.  No shirt guy drops back and red shirt guy made a move.  I should have went with him.  It would have been a bit painful, but I think it would have helped me in the long run.  I'm running solo for pretty much the rest of the race. 


7-6:49 Make the turn on to the old highway and there is a really good headwind.  Mentally, I think this is where I would have benefitted from having people to run with while going up the hill.  Andy-where were you this year?

8-6:45 Hit the turnaround and realize Melanie B. is about 15 sec. behind me.  Dang she's fast.

9-6:50 This is where things turned bad.  We go under the freeway and I have to pee real bad.  Red shirt guy is up on me by about 35 sec and I have a couple guys about 15 seconds behind me.  The first bathroom is locked in the campground, so I run to the next.  I probably lose about 45 seconds and a good rythem (spelling??).  Last year I ran this mile in 6:16.  Looking back, this pee stop kills me.


11-6:33 Running with another red shirt guy and hoping we can push each other, but then he surges and gaps me by about 20 seconds.

12-6:45 Holding on.

13-6:37 Wanting to walk..............but I don't.


Finish in 1:25:11.  Overall, I'm not too disappointed.  It was a good race.  I got some very good marathon pace miles in and fought through some rough patches.  The pee stop killed any chances of finishing ahead of last year's time, but what do you do.  I should of hit the bushes as that would have been faster. 

The only disappointment I have is that it feels like I've stalled in my progression lately. Hopefully the marathon from two weeks ago is still in my legs and that is one thing to blame, but I need to start doing some training miles at a faster pace.  At Hobble Creek I'm going for 1:20 right from the start.  I may bonk and end up walking the last 3 miles, but oh well.  Good run today overall.

PM Lifted for 45 min and did the elliptical for 15 min.

Wave Rider 12 Miles: 13.10
Total Distance
Wave Rider 12 Miles: 26.60#2 Wave Rider 10 Miles: 5.00Saucony Triumph 6 Miles: 10.50Mizuno Wave Creation 10 Miles: 5.50Kinvara Miles: 7.00
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