St. George Marathon

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Jul 19, 2008



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2015 St. George Marathon (2:44:11)

2014 Hobble Creek Half (1:17:18)

Short-Term Running Goals:


  • 5K - 16:59
  • 1/2 Marathon - Sub 1:17:00
  • Marathon - 2:45:00 

Miles:This week: 18.90 Month: 36.80 Year: 1406.45
Pegasus 34 White Lifetime Miles: 824.60
Kinvara 8 (blue/orange) Lifetime Miles: 416.15
Pegasus 34 Blue/gray Lifetime Miles: 597.76
Lunaracer 4 Lifetime Miles: 171.35
Hoka Clifton 1 Lifetime Miles: 575.85
Brooks Levitate Lifetime Miles: 266.00
Hoka Clifton 4 Lifetime Miles: 102.10
Pegasus Turbo 2 (green) Lifetime Miles: 10.50
Total Distance
Ride 6 (Blue) Miles: 55.70Lunaracer 3 (neon) Miles: 26.20Lunaracer 3 (blue) Miles: 8.00Kinvara 4 (red) Miles: 13.00Kinvara 4 (green) Miles: 12.35
Total Distance

Day off

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Total Distance

AM 3.6 easy around my neighborhood.

Ride 6 (Blue) Miles: 3.60
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Total Distance

AM 2 easy from my house with some strides.

Ride 6 (Blue) Miles: 2.00
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Race: St. George Marathon (26.2 Miles) 02:44:43, Place overall: 37
Total Distance

Very happy with my race.  The race pretty much played out as I was hoping it would for me.  My goal was to shoot for 2:40:00-2:45:00, but if I was being realistic I knew it would be more like 2:42:30-2:45:00.  I geared everything off of 2:42:30 and was on pace for a while, but just couldn't keep the pace where I needed to the last half of the race.  Just over 6 min faster than last year.

First half = 1:23:37  Second half = 1:21:06

Miles 1-7: 6:20, 6:23, 6:01, 5:58, 6:04, 5:56, 5:57  Really, the race started off perfectly for me.  Felt like I eased into the pace and after the first two miles the pace dropped, but I was comfortable.  Actually was clipping off the miles a bit faster than I needed to, but not crazy fast.  There was a group of about 5-6 of us for a while, including Chad R. and James.  The three of us would stick together up through about 11-12, which really helped me.  The miles were going by fast and I really enjoyed this part of the run.

Miles 8-13: 7:05, 6:45, 6:44, 6:56, 6:33, 6:17  Admittedly, this is a part of the course I struggle with.  Not so much Veyo, but the hills that come after Veyo.  I seem to bleed too much time on these hills and I think it costs me a bit.  But I didn't want to go too fast through this stretch cause I wanted to conserve something for the downhill that was coming. Chad fell back around 11 or so and I beleive James fell back around 12.  The hills seemed to go forever.  Hit the half at 1:23:37, which is right around the time I was planning.  Legs felt fine and I was ready to start to pick it up on the upcoming downhills.

Miles 14-20:  6:13, 5:57, 5:53, 6:01, 6:03, 6:26, 6:11  Snow Canyon is probably my favorite part of the course.  I felt like I was solo for most of this stretch of the run, with the exception of 4-5 other guys who were in the vicinity.  Love the crowds on this part of the course.  Could see the escort of the lead women up ahead and it looked like she was coming back to me.  Pretty much had them in sight for the whole last half of the race, but just couldn't close on her.  I got up the last hill on mile 19 and was doing okay, but I could certainly feel the legs giving in a bit.  Was just hoping the downhill would help me keep the pace around 6:00 for as long as possible.   

Miles 21-26.2: 6:00, 6:16, 6:12, 6:13, 6:19, 6:37, 1:23  I'm really starting to feel the pain around 22.  I know I have a bit more downhill to help me out, but I'm already dreading the last two miles.  Trying to use the downhill and the crowds to help me as much as possible on this stretch.  Eventually hit the diagonal and I'm struggling.  I was surprised to see my mile 25 split as low as it was, but those last two miles seemed like they took forever.  I was hurting pretty good and was so glad to make that last turn.  I knew I was cutting it close to not breaking 2:45:00, but figured I had it when I made the last turn.  My legs were very wobbley, and I was very happy to be done.

Like I said, I'm very happy with how this race went.  I felt like I gave it all I had.  I took four GUs and alternated Gatorade and water throughout the race.  My stomach didn't give me any issues.  I said this after last year's race, but I never thought I would be able to run a marathon this fast (never).  I think with some more training, experience and luck that maybe could dip down under 2:40 one day.  I owe a lot of credit to the Utah County guys.  Running with them has made all the difference for me.  I'm looking forward to recovering from this one as I have a lot of sore spots that I'm ready to get healed.  Great day.

Lunaracer 3 (neon) Miles: 26.20
Total Distance

AM 3 miles from my house at a very slow pace.  

Ride 6 (Blue) Miles: 3.00
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Total Distance

AM 5 miles from my house at about 5:30 am. Slow and no watch.

PM rower for ten min and elliptical for 25 min.

Ride 6 (Blue) Miles: 5.00
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Total Distance

AM 8 from matt's house with Matt, reed and chad. No watch.

Lunaracer 3 (blue) Miles: 8.00
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Total Distance

AM 4 miles from my house.  No watch.  Left heel seems to be more sore than it has been for the last 2 months.

Ride 6 (Blue) Miles: 4.00
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Total Distance

AM 6 in about 50 min (8:20) from my house.

Ride 6 (Blue) Miles: 6.00
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Total Distance

AM 10 at 7:30 pace on the JRP with Matt and Trevor.

Ride 6 (Blue) Miles: 10.00
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Total Distance

AM 13 on the JRP at 7:15 pace with Matt, mike, zak and Carl. 

Kinvara 4 (red) Miles: 13.00
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Total Distance

AM 7 at 8:30 pace from my house.

Ride 6 (Blue) Miles: 7.00
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Total Distance

10 on the JRP with Matt, Trevor and Spencer in around 1:15:00.

Ride 6 (Blue) Miles: 10.00
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Total Distance

AM 5.10 at about 8:30 pace with Mark from his house.

Ride 6 (Blue) Miles: 5.10
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Total Distance

AM 12.35 at just under 8 min pace from my house down to the JRP and north and then back.  Started at just after 5:30 this morning.  Great temps, but my body has not responded well since the marathon.  Contemplating shutting things down for a bit.  My left heel is very sore when I wake up each morning and for the first 2 miles of my runs, and my right hammy has been hurting me.  

Kinvara 4 (green) Miles: 12.35
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Total Distance
Ride 6 (Blue) Miles: 55.70Lunaracer 3 (neon) Miles: 26.20Lunaracer 3 (blue) Miles: 8.00Kinvara 4 (red) Miles: 13.00Kinvara 4 (green) Miles: 12.35
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