Pocatello Half Marathon

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Jul 19, 2008



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Running Accomplishments:


2015 St. George Marathon (2:44:11)

2014 Hobble Creek Half (1:17:18)

Short-Term Running Goals:


  • 5K - 16:59
  • 1/2 Marathon - Sub 1:17:00
  • Marathon - 2:45:00 

Miles:This week: 18.90 Month: 36.80 Year: 1406.45
Pegasus 34 White Lifetime Miles: 824.60
Kinvara 8 (blue/orange) Lifetime Miles: 416.15
Pegasus 34 Blue/gray Lifetime Miles: 597.76
Lunaracer 4 Lifetime Miles: 171.35
Hoka Clifton 1 Lifetime Miles: 575.85
Brooks Levitate Lifetime Miles: 266.00
Hoka Clifton 4 Lifetime Miles: 102.10
Pegasus Turbo 2 (green) Lifetime Miles: 10.50
Total Distance
Adizero Boston Miles: 56.50Nike Free ( Black & Red) Miles: 118.06Wave Rider 12 Miles: 11.75Mizuno Wave Creation 10 Miles: 5.25
Total Distance

5.0 no watch.  Hit 700 South and headed West and then back home via the same route.

Adizero Boston Miles: 5.00
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Total Distance

6.0 no watch.  Up Center St. and 300 W. a bit and then back.  Easy.  Threw in some strides over the last 2 miles.

Adizero Boston Miles: 6.00
Race: Pocatello Half Marathon (13.1 Miles) 01:24:23, Place overall: 7, Place in age division: 1
Total Distance

Pocatello half today.  My bro did the full (3:09ish which is an awesome time).  I'm very happy with my race today.  This is probably my best effort on a half since this is a very legit course in comparison to my 1:22 Hobble Creek or 1:23 at Provo River.  Lots of rollers through the middle miles with a couple of pretty good climbs and a lot of what seemed like long flat stretches.  I held things together very well throughout the race even when I didn't feel good and then was able to push it pretty good at the end.  Very good confidence builder for TOU in two weeks.  Splits:

1 6:02

2 6:17     12:19

3 6:34     18:53 A little climb right here

4 6:40     25:34

5 6:20     31:54

6 6:16     38:11

7 6:22     44:34

8 6:52     51:26 This was the big climb I believe. 

9 6:41     58:07 Got passed by a guy here who was flying. He finished about 1 min ahead.

10 6:29   1:04:36

11 6:21    1:10:58

12 6:24    1:17:23

13 6:09   1:23:33

0.1 0:49   1:24:23 

Cooled down for a couple miles after.  Got to meet Jeff Shadley from the blog and talked with him and Rob for a bit. They are fast. Overall, a very good race for me like I mentioned and hope that I will be able to build off of it for TOU. 

Nike Free ( Black & Red) Miles: 15.50
Total Distance

15.35 in 1:59:55 (7:49).  Started at 5:40 and set out to go around 12 miles and average around 8:00 for the entire run.  Headed up 300 W. and then over towards the Smith's Mktplace and then back down around home.  Felt really good and so I just kept going.  It took me until around the 12 mile mark to catch the 8 minute guy, but then I picked it up the rest of the way.  One of the best runs I've had in a while.  Felt like I could go forever.  Weather was awesome.  No soreness at all from the race on Saturday.

Nike Free ( Black & Red) Miles: 15.35
Total Distance

6.70 no watch.  About 1.5 on my own and then Ryan and I did the standard loop.

Adizero Boston Miles: 6.70
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Total Distance

6.75 no watch.  Pretty much the exact same run as yesterday.

PM 4.30 at about 8:15 pace.  Just an easy run beginning about 8:15. 

Wave Rider 12 Miles: 6.75Adizero Boston Miles: 4.30
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Total Distance

2.50 warm up as I ran to the track and then did 5x800 with 400 rests.  Splits were: 3:02, 2:54, 2:53, 2:58, 2:54.  Cooled down with 2.25 to get back home.  

Nike Free ( Black & Red) Miles: 8.25
Total Distance

7.05 in 56:19 (7:59).  Up Center St. and then up by the cemetery and back home.

Adizero Boston Miles: 7.05
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Total Distance

13.15 in 1:38:59 (7:32).  Started just before 6 am and went up and down Provo Canyon.  Tried to keep things brisk on the way up and then on the way down I did 2 min "on" 3 min "off".  I basically just wanted to push the pace on the "on" segments and my "off" segments I was still right around 7:20s-7:30s.  Felt pretty good on the way up, and ok on the way down. Weather has changed since the last time I ran in the canyon a couple of weeks ago.

One week to go until TOU.  I backed the mileage off just a bit this last week, but I actually got 3 solid workouts in during the week.  This coming week I will back off quite a bit and hope the legs respond next Saturday.  Overall, I feel really good and confident heading into this marathon. 

Nike Free ( Black & Red) Miles: 13.15
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Total Distance

7.0 in 54:49 (7:50).  Up Center St. and then 300 W. and then back home.  Good progression run.  8:40, 8:08, 8:02, 7:47, 7:30, 7:21, 7:17.  Felt good.

Nike Free ( Black & Red) Miles: 7.00
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Total Distance

5.0 in 39:37 (7:56).  Ran in the PM because I was in Bozeman and travelled home this morning.  Didn't feel particularly good.  I've eaten awful the last few days and combined with the taper it has made me feel gross.  

Adizero Boston Miles: 5.00
Total Distance

5.36 in 40:40 (7:36).  Standard loop.  Mile 3 in 6:52 and mile 4 in 6:30.

Nike Free ( Black & Red) Miles: 5.36
Total Distance

About 3.50 no watch around the neighborhood with Ryan.

Nike Free ( Black & Red) Miles: 3.50
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Race: Top of Utah Marathon (26.2 Miles) 02:59:42, Place overall: 28, Place in age division: 4
Total Distance

I dare say that there aren't many people that crossed the finish line today that are happier than me.  Every time I think about the race I just smile.  I'm ecstatic about how things played out.  I overcame some physical and mental battles during the race that I've never come close to getting through during a marathon.  The goal was sub 3.  I didn't care if it was 2:59:59 (and it was close), but I wanted to break it.  I've raced and trained great over the last couple months and I felt like this was the best, legitimate chance I had given myself to hit the goal.  I knew I couldn't give in and walk around the 20 mile mark and I knew I had to stay strong the entire way or else it wouldn't happen.  I didn't want to get sucked into anybody else's race or pace, so I planned to just run according to the chart that Paul P. had created and try and just hit an even effort.  It was sprinkling a bit while we waited for the race to start, and then once everybody dropped their clothes into the bus, it started pouring for a few minutes.  Luckily it let up right before the start, but the rain was coming down hard off and on throughout the race, especially in the canyon.

1 6:37

2 6:34     13:11

3 6:33     19:45

4 6:40     26:26

5 6:36     33:02  The goal here was 33:44.  There is a group of about 7 or 8 of us that are running with the 3 hour pacers (there were 2 of them).  My legs don't feel great here, but I'm doing okay.  It is raining off and on.

6 7:14     40:16 I adjusted my watch here to go from auto lap to manual.

7 6:50     47:07

8 6:42     53:49

9 6:53     1:00:43

10 6:54   1:07:37 The goal here was 1:07:52.  It is right around in here that I start wondering if I should pick it up a bit, because I felt like I was holding back and I was scared I wasn't going to bank enough time for the last part of the course.  Still in our pack of about 7 to 8.  Being with the group helped a ton.  The pacers planned to hit the half around 1:28:00 to 1:29:00.

11 6:52   1:14:29

12 6:47   1:21:17

13-14 13:30     1:34:47  The goal was 1:28:56, and we crossed the half in about 1:28:40ish.  I'll admit, I was worried about hitting the sub 3 mark at this point.  I'm still feeling good though and pretty relaxed.  Our group is still intact.  There was not much of a tail wind coming out of the canyon, and I remember that it poured rain right in here and it started hailing.  My shoes were so water logged, but at least the temps were cool.  One of my favorite parts of this race is when you see all the spectators at the mouth of the canyon.  It was great.

15 6:47   1:41:34 The goal was 1:41:33.  The course seems to flatten out a lot here and this is where one of the pacers fell off pace and it felt like the other pacer picked it up.  

16 6:46   1:48:21

17 6:40   1:55:01 Right around in here our group is pretty much down to the one pacer, 3 other guys and me.  

18 6:47   2:01:49

19-20 14:02     2:15:52  The goal at 20 was 2:16:27, so I gained a bit of time in here.  We lose one guy off the group here.  I'm having some bad stretches in here, but I just keep trying to work through them.  Getting through the uphill sections and staying on pace is giving me confidence.  The hard part is that I stop at the aid stations and the others in the group gap me a bit....but I keep catching up to them.

21 6:53   2:22:45

22-23 14:20     2:37:06  I fell about 10-15 yards back in here, but right around mile 23 I catch up to the pacer and the other 2 guys and I start to feel good.  The pacer and I gap the other 2 guys and we start pulling ahead by quite a bit.  We start passing people.  I'm dying in stretches in here and I'm starting to talk to the pacer to help me keep going.  

24 7:01   2:44:07 We got a little downhill in here and it helped a ton.  I take the water and gatorade on the run at this station and we pass one more guy right after the 24 mile mark.  Feeling good......then feeling bad.  Good, then bad.

25 7:03   2:51:10  The goal here was 2:51:26.  I gap the pacer by about 10 yards (I was feeling good for a bit) and I get up the uphill portion and I'm still feeling good.  I take the next water station on the fly and I think I've got the sub 3 in the bag.

26 7:05   2:58:16  Interesting thing happens here.  We round a couple of corners and start on the street behind the tabernacle.  I start to feel real bad and the pacer catches up.  We talk for a bit and I tell him I want to walk so bad.  He gaps me a bit and is still ahead of on the 2nd to last turn by about 5 yards.  I've been looking at my watch a lot for the last bit now and I can tell it is going to be so close.   

0.2 1:26  1:26 We round the last corner here and the pacer slows down a bit (he let me finish ahead of him).  The last stretch here was awesome.  I knew I had to push it.  It was cool to have everybody screaming.  My bro. was yelling like crazy to push it.  Awesome, awesome feeling to get in just below the 3 mark.

 If you can't tell, I'm really happy with this race.  The pacer helped me a ton over the last 4-5 miles.  It made a huge difference.  i couldn't believe that I stayed with him, and that I was the only one that stayed with him.  This is about a 3:25 PR (St. George 2009 3:03:03).  The conditions had me worried.  I wasn't sure how the rain would affect me.  Maybe it slowed me down, but it helped keep things very cool.  Funny how the doubts started creeping in over the last few days, and I never would have thought I could pull off the second half of this race as good as I did.  Overall, just a great experience today. 

Nike Free ( Black & Red) Miles: 26.20
Total Distance

I haven't done any exercising since the marathon, and I've actually enjoyed it.  Its been a good way to reenergize myself and I'm now getting anxious to get out and put some miles in.  I think I will do some easy miles starting tomorrow.  This has probably been the least sore I've been after a marathon.  I'm nowhere near as bad as I was after DesNews or even after some of the downhill half marathons that I've done. 

Total Distance

4.50 no watch.  Ran with Ryan west on 700 S. and back.  Knees were a bit sore and it felt like I hadn't run in a couple of days.

Nike Free ( Black & Red) Miles: 4.50
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Total Distance

6.25 in 51:12 (8:12).  Up to 300 W. and then back.  Legs feel like they are still recovering.

Total Distance

12.10 in 1:33:44 (7:45).  Started just before 6 AM and went up and down Provo Canyon.  Pretty much had the trail to myself on the way up.  It was cold due to the wind blowing out of the canyon.  Kept things nice and easy.  On the way down I ended up going a lot faster than I anticipated.  Lots of big groups were running up the canyon on my way down.  Right knee is a bit sore, but only during the run.  Overall, a good run.

Adizero Boston Miles: 12.10
Total Distance

7.75 in 1:04:06 (8:16).  First 3.5 with Mark and then we came back and got Ryan for a bit more.

Nike Free ( Black & Red) Miles: 7.75
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Total Distance

5.25 no watch.  Standard loop with Ryan.  Slow.

Mizuno Wave Creation 10 Miles: 5.25
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Total Distance

5.35 no watch.  Out towards Saratoga and back with Ryan.  Pretty slow.

PM 5.0 in 38:13 (7:39).  Ran out on the JRP near Saratoga with Mark.  Felt like I had to work harder than normal, but it felt good to keep a semi-descent pace. 

Nike Free ( Black & Red) Miles: 5.00Adizero Boston Miles: 5.35
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Total Distance

5.0 no watch.  With Ryan and Mark up Center St. to Wines Park and back home.

PM Random route on the JRP out near Saratoga.  5.0 in 39:23 (7:52). 

Wave Rider 12 Miles: 5.00Adizero Boston Miles: 5.00
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Total Distance

6.50 in 49:52 (7:41).  Up to 300 West and then back home.  Ran with Mark for the last part of the run and picked it up for about 2.50 miles.

Nike Free ( Black & Red) Miles: 6.50
Total Distance
Adizero Boston Miles: 56.50Nike Free ( Black & Red) Miles: 118.06Wave Rider 12 Miles: 11.75Mizuno Wave Creation 10 Miles: 5.25
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